White Label Service

J19 PAT Test Certificate

PAT report/certificate

J19 Testing now offers a White Label PAT testing service.

Service and maintenance companies can now contract out their PAT testing requirements to J19 Testing.

The same high quality customer service and attention to detail given in B to C transactions is now available to B to B customers.

J19 Testing can also provide PASSED labels with the Companies logo, colour scheme and contact details.

Example 1; PAT testing is already offered as a service by your Company. It is not cost effective as current staff is over qualified and have high labour rates. Employees are too busy on high charge rate jobs to undertake PAT testing. 

J19 Testing rates can be lower than paying your own staff.


Example 2; Your Company is continually being asked to include PAT testing as a service for your clients, or tenants, but does not have the trained staff or equipment to carry out the tests.

J19 Testing has the trained staff and fully configured testing equipment – and can be “You” to your clients