Does your business require PAT Testing?

There is an “urban myth” about PAT testing.  You will have heard it already;UK Standard 3 Pin Plug


“It is required by Law that all electrical equipment be tested by a qualified electrician each year”  

This will be perhaps the first time on a website selling PAT Testing that you will get the truth!

It is required by Law..” – Untrue!

There is no law that insists you have to PAT test your electrical equipment, but you must risk assess it and set up procedures to minimise the risks found.

“…that all electrical equipment be tested by a qualified electrician…” – Untrue!

Testing should be carried out by a “competent” person. A qualified electrician would, by definition, be a competent person, however a suitably trained person and with a City & Guilds 2377-12 Certificate  in Portable Appliance Testing  is deemed a competent person.

“…each year.” – Untrue!

Electrical appliances in “safe” environments, for example desktop computers in offices, are less of a risk and therefore 4 years between each formal inspection and testing is acceptable.  The IEE Code of Practice recommends inspection and testing frequencies for different appliances according to the type of premises. The test intervals are dependant upon the risk factors; the higher the risk the shorter test interval.

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