Martindale PAT Testing machineWhat is PAT Testing?

The HSE website FAQ page definition is;

Portable appliance testing (PAT) is the term used to describe the examination of electrical appliances and equipment to ensure they are safe to use.”

So what does this mean in practice ….. for you?

HSE booklet HSG107 – (to view this file you need Adobe Reader – get it free here) gives guidelines on setting up procedures to manage the risks from portable appliances effectively. These include:

Assign someone to test equipment that:– is suspected of being defective (but this cannot be determined by visual examination), has been repaired or modified;

– is due for a combined inspection and test (or has never had one at the start of a maintenance regime).

Ensure that the person carrying out combined inspection and testing has sufficient knowledge, training and experience as well as access to further information and advice where necessary.

Decide on an appropriate frequency for combined inspection and testing where this is necessary.

Can you do all of this yourself?  Yes, of course you can.  However the initial investment in training and equipment will probably take quite a few  years to recover.  There are also annual machine re-calibration and stationery costs. Plus the valuable time spent away from your main income source.  So why not leave it to the trained and equipped people like J19 Testing?  After the initial inspection and testing we will remind you when the next inspection is due – another thing not to worry about.