On the Road

Rogues Gallery?Out on a job today and came across some “interesting” things. Some 13amp plugs that do not conform to current BS1363 guidelines. They do not have the familiar sheathed line and neutral pins. Although not strictly illegal, at J19 we always change these – especially when on vunerable equipment. The rubber one on the left has the collar cut. This was probably because the person fitting the plug initially forgot to thread the cable through.

Note the quick blow fuse with a piece of soldered wire across. The equipment stiil did not operate until we found a correct replacement. In the corner, just caught on camera, a wiring card removed from a plug or extension lead.  More worrying is that these items were there from the last inspection!

At J19 we take a pride in our work, even if it takes us just that little bit longer to complete. So don’t get the Sticker Jockeys in for your safety testing. Your lives and livelyhoods may one day depend on it.