In the Office

Switched extension lead

In an office environment there is always a need for extra electrical plug sockets. In Winter they are required for extra convection or fan heaters. For the Summer months it’s cooling fans to keep the air circulating.  We never seem to have enough plugs around our desks; the laptop, the printer, the scanner, the portable hard drive, the modem, the phone charger, et al are all vying for connection to keep them going. So the solution is to plug in yet another extension lead to the one’s already kicking around under the desk?

Hmmm, well let’s just take a step back and think about this for a moment.  What is the power rating of the very first extension lead that plugs into the wall socket?  What fuse rating is in the plug? How long is the combined length of the daisy chained extensions? Are any of the plugs, sockets, or cables warm to touch?

At J19 Testing we safety check all your extension leads, their configuration and fuse ratings. We also advise the best way to set up your extension leads to get the maximum safe usage of the power supply available.   Our advice is included as part of the PAT Testing service we offer to all businesses, large or small