Get out those Christmas tree lights

Christmas tree at night

We put the Christmas lights on our site in celebration of the season. You probably have decorated your office tree with yours already. But did they get tested when your friendly PAT tester last visited? Or were they hidden away in an attic or storeroom?

Time to do a quick visual check yourself.  First turn the lights off at the wall switch and pull out the plug. Now look at the plug. Does it look like the one in our picture; two sheathed pins at the bottom and an unsheathed pin at the top?Any sign of burning, cracking or splitting? Does it smell like fish? A quick tug at the cable coming out of the base of the plug. Anything come off in your hand? Were all the light bulbs or LEDs  working? Any wires out of the bulb holders?

If in any doubt whatsoever, get a qualified guy in to take a second look. Or it may be cheaper to invest in a new set this year?

And finally- always turn off the Christmas tree lights, and take out the plug when the building is vacant. It might look very pretty and festive but better to be safe than sorry.

Have a great Christmas and New Year holiday. Keep safe. Derek